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Gentle Yoga

Virtual  Classes


If you're coping with stress, 

chronic pain, anxiety, overwhelm, 

and / or low energy, 

then join a gentle yoga class 

and begin to find relief.


Connect safely with others as this class is offered on the zoom platform.


Gentle Flow Yoga

Includes flow sequences that are gentle 

and breathwork. 

Message for schedule.


Gentle Restorative Yoga

Emphasis on gentle stretches and postures that allow the body to relax and restore.

Message for schedule.


 During each class we will take time to breathe, 

be more mindful, 

and gently move our bodies to begin to release and relax. 


Suitable for beginners 

and those with challenges 

as well as those with experience; 

chair and mat options offered.


Contact Susan (next page) with any questions or to register and 

obtain secure Zoom link.

There is no charge to register;

you are welcome to make a donation using the link at the bottom of this page.

Fibromyalgia Syndrome

Virtual Support Circle

If you or a loved one 

has Fibromyalgia Syndrome, 

please join this virtual circle 

for support and information.

Mindfulness is woven

throughout our time together.

Specific topics determined 

by the group members.  

Recent topics of interest 

have included: 

healthy nutrition, 

anti-inflammatory diet, 

coping with chronic pain and anxiety, 

and ways to improve sleep.

Connect safely with others as this group is offered on the zoom platform.

(Times vary)

Contact Susan (next page) with any questions or

to register and obtain 

secure Zoom link.

If you sign up to receive regular emailed newsletters, 

you will be notified of 

meeting dates and links.


Virtual Practice

If you're curious about what 

a yoga class is like 

but feel uncomfortable 

jumping into a small group session, 

please connect with Susan 

on the next page 

and request to TRYoga.

We'll plan a time to meet one-on-one. During this FREE session, 

you'll be walked through

a session and what to expect, 

be introduced class terms and format, 

and have all your questions answered. 

You'll also be offered a 

shortened opportunity 

to practice together. 

Then, if you decide you would like to, 

you may move into a small group session.

So give yoga a try!

Get started by scheduling a 

FREE Discovey Session 

with Susan (next page).  

We'll check it out together! 

Invitation to Support Offerings

Offerings are open and accessible to all.  

Please consider making a donation to support any offering in which you participate.

Your donations will be received with much gratitude.

​Breathe - Be Mindful - Gently Move

Health Coaching & Yoga 

Virtual and In-Person

Private and Small Group

Sessions offered by 

Susan Wenzinger, APRN-BC, RYT

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