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Do you feel stressed and anxious, often overwhelmed?

Do you, like many others, have chronic pain? 

Feel like your nervous system is highly sensitive?

Frequently experience difficulty sleeping?

Are you a busy mom or caregiver struggling to find time for self-care?


In my nursing practice, I care for many people just like you.

And I would like to support you, too.


Using a variety of holistic health tools, 

including mindfulness, energy medicine and yoga, 

I can help you find relief from 

stress, anxiety, pain, and the effects of trauma and chronic illness.


Together we will create simple, effective self-care practices to 

relieve anxiety

reduce pain

manage sensitivity

decrease overwhelm

improve sleep

discover joy in everyday life

create satisfying relationships.


So let's connect and get started!

​Breathe - Be Mindful - Gently Move

Health Coaching & Yoga 

Virtual and In-Person

Private and Small Group

Sessions offered by 

Susan Wenzinger, APRN-BC, RYT

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